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The Native Nest

White Sage Healing Bundle

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to purify, calm, heal, and ground your inner and outer space


white sage is a scared herb that is traditionally used by Native American tribes during ceremonies, rituals, and healing practices. It is known to bring clarity and awakening and has energy cleansing, and antimicrobial properties

our white sage has been collected with great care and respect from its natural habitat in the southwest of America

each is bundled with home grown flowers, a piece of palo santo wood, selenite stone, and wrapped with natural muslin

selenite helps brings peace, purifies and cleanses energy blockages, in your home and your body. Palo santo is known to have purifying, healing, uplifting and energy balancing properties

simply light the head of the sage bundle or palo santo wood with a flame until it starts to create an ember and smoke. Gently float the sage or palo santo around your space, allowing the smoke to burn freely and fill the areas of your space that you wish to purify. Open a window to allow the smoke to leave your space. Once you have finished you can stub out the sage in a dish, ready for your next use. 

we love to start this grounding ritual with a simple intention, bringing mindfulness to what your hoping to clear out or draw in

our products are sourced by a small ethically run company who work closely with local organisations and initiatives, working to minimise pollution, environmental damage, and poverty. Through remediation, regeneration, and educational programs they are improving the environment and the livelihoods of local communities