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The Native Nest

Sister Goods Hand Rolled Incense

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to purify, calm, heal, and ground your inner and outer space


hand rolled by a small family located in southern Mexico using traditional methods and recipes that have been passed down through generations

traditionally used in meditation and ceremony, we hope these incense become a part of your daily ritual, making you aware of your breath, and inviting positive energy into your space - mentally and physically 

made with flowers, fruits, plants, roots, natural resins, branches and tree barks. All ingredients are locally, sustainably and ethically sourced

each box holds 15 incense sticks and burns for approximately 1 - 1.5 hours.

our boxes have been hand made in Bali, using 100% post consumer waste and natural plant dyes.  


PALO SANTOpurifying, healing, uplifting, energy balancing 

WHITE COPALbalances the mind, concentration, relaxation, well-being 

WHITE SAGE - energy cleansing, awakening, clarity, antimicrobial

COCONUT - relaxing, restoring, balancing, protection

SANDALWOOD - calming, mindfulness, cleansing, grounding

JASMINE - healing, creativity, romantic, empowering