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Mr Consistent

Chilli Margarita Mixer

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Cocktail Description

After years of requests - we have FINALLY expanded our Margarita range; welcoming our CHILLI MARGARITA!

Everyone has a story with a margarita, and a particular way of serving or drinking it. Whether it be on the rocks, or shaken and strained; this refreshingly zingy, citrus bomb of a cocktail has made its name as the party starter.

Don't forget, all of my mixers already come booze-free and can be served as a mocktail! Simply add 45ml of water (or Non-Alc Spirit) to your Mr. Consistent cocktail for the booze-free option!

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes:
Our brand new Chilli Margi is a spiced up version of our Classic Margarita - ready for you to heat things up wherever you are drinking cocktails! The spice level is at a Medium heat, making it perfect for drinking more than one!

Our cocktails are always perfectly balanced in the bottle, so that you can enjoy the tastiest cocktails wherever you are!

Best Paired With:
Tequila (Blanco or Reposado), Mezcal

Garnish Recommendation:
Spicy Margarita Salt Rim Garnish
Mr. Consistent Dried Chilli